Tell Gov. Strickland - Mothers Have a Right to Know

Defend your Right to Know What’s in Your Food…

Food Democracy Now and Organic Valley Family of Farms need your help!

Right now regulations are being considered in Ohio that will make it illegal for milk labels to tell you the real story about how your milk was produced.

Last year a handful of corporations helped pass a law in Ohio making it illegal for our dairy farmers to label their milk rBGH-free. They don’t want U.S. consumers to know when artificial bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is used in producing milk for America’s consumers.

On July 23rd the International Dairy Foods Association and Organic Trade Association will have a joint mediation with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to decide whether this rule go into affect.

Call Ohio Governor Ted Strickland
and tell him that this anti-labeling law is unfair and un-democratic.

We think it’s important that Americans know what’s in their food, especially when it contains artificial hormones. Right now other states are considering similar regulations – but – We need to stop this in Ohio before it spreads!

The Ohio labeling law prohibits statements like “rBGH-free” or “no-rBGH” on all milk cartons. This takes away a basic right for organic companies and dairy farmers to properly label how their milk was produced.

Milk from Organic Valley’s cooperative of 1,300 family dairy farmers is always completely free of rBGH and we believe consumers have a right to make an informed choice in the milk they purchase for their families.

If Ohio’s regulation continues, many dairy producers will be forced to remove all their rBGH-free labeling.

This means you will no longer be able to choose how you want your milk produced.

What can you do?

Act Today:

Call Ohio Governor Strickland and urge him to rescind Executive Order 2008-03S.

Phone calls to his office at 614-466-3555 will make the most impact, and time is short. Please call now.

If you prefer, you can send Gov. Strickland an email as well:

Click here to tell Gov. Strickland that consumers have the right to know how their food is produced.

Sample message:
Governor Strickland, I want to ask you to keep labeling laws in your state fair and democratic. Consumers have a right to know how their food is produced and these anti-labeling laws are un-democratic and hurt family farmers who raise their animals the right way and unfairly deny consumers the right to support them.

Please rescind Executive Order 2008-03S and allow parents in Ohio to buy milk in your state with the proper labeling information.