Tell the USDA to reject Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa

Late Monday evening we sent out an alert inviting you to take a stand for organic foods and tell Secretary Vilsack to reject Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa. In less than 24 hours more than 30,000 Food Democracy Now members took action!

You’re incredible! But we need your help now more than ever. In the next 7 hours before the comment period ends, we want to reach over 40,000 signers to let Secretary Vilsack know how many people care about this issue.

Tell Secretary Vilsack that you care about organics and to reject Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa:

If you’ve already signed, please take moment to send this to your friends who also care. It only takes a moment.

Everything you thought you knew about organics is about to change. If the USDA and Monsanto get their way, organic integrity is about to go the way of the dinosaur.

Once again, the organic industry is under assault. This time the USDA
is determined to let Monsanto ride roughshod over common sense environmental rules that would protect organic farmers from having their crops contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds.

Tell Secretary Vilsack that Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa cannot be allowed to undermine the organic industry. Comments are due by close of business TODAY Wednesday, March 3rd. So please act today:

During the Bush administration, Monsanto
illegally won USDA approval for its GMO alfalfa by convincing USDA regulators to bypass a mandatory environmental review.1 In 2007, a court reversed this decision, ordering the USDA to complete the legally required environmental impact statement (EIS).

Shockingly, the Obama Administration’s recent review would approve Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa.

The draft USDA EIS was issued in December 2009 and is poised to allow Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa on the market, despite the fact that the USDA admits that these seeds will contaminate organic feed that organic dairy farmers rely on to produce organic milk.2

According to the CEO of the largest farmer-owned organic dairy coop in the U.S., GMO alfalfa “threatens the very fabric of the organic industry.”3 We can’t allow this to happen.

Despite massive public outcry in the past, the USDA’s environmental review went so far as to say that U.S. organic consumers don’t care about GMO contamination.

Tell Secretary Vilsack that you care about organic contamination and that you want him to stand up for the organic industry and organic consumers.

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! Team


1. Farmers Sue USDA Over Modified Alfalfa Crop, The New Standard, March 3, 2006

2. Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) website

3. USDA stance on GM alfalfa threatens “fabric of organic industry”, The Organic & Non-GMO Report, February, 2010