Farmers Say, Stop Approving GMOs and Ban GMO Salmon!

Today family farmers are going into federal court in Washington DC to stop genetic contamination of their crops and put an end to Monsanto’s abusive lawsuits against America’s farmers.


These farmers have flown in from across the country and the one thing they want you to do today is call President Obama as they’re in court today and rally in front of the White House.


Right now 13 new genetically engineered crops are awaiting approval at the USDA! At the same time, the FDA could approve AqauBounty’s GMO salmon any day now, despite no independent safety studies and even though leaked documents have revealed that government scientists are dubious about the FDA’s own assessment!


The farmers in DC suing Monsanto said we have to stop these approvals and it’s up to you to make a call today!


If allowed to pass, these new GMO crops and AquaBounty’s GMO salmon will permanently change our food supply.


President Obama and the White House need to hear from you. Can you please call the White House today to stand in solidarity with these farmers and maximize our impact?


It’s up to you – can you make a short call to the White House?


Every voice counts!


Please call the White House switchboard and tell President Obama that you stand with America’s farmers: (202) 456-1111