For 20 plus years Monsanto has said that its proprietary weedkiller Roundup and its main chemical ingredient glyphosate were safe. But in the past several years a host of studies have linked Roundup and glyphosate to an alarming number of diseases threatening animal and human health, including obesity, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Now officials in the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency are attempting to raise the allowable chemical residue of glyphosate in many important food crops that we eat everyday, including vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes and flax and sunflower seeds.

It’s time to investigate GMOs, Roundup and glyphosate’s impact on human health and the environment and stop working hand in glove with Monsanto to try to raise the residue limits for a chemical that has potentially harmful effects on our health.

Tell President Obama and the EPA that Americans deserve less chemicals on their food not more! Reject the increase in chemical residues allowed on your food. Every voice counts!