Right now Monsanto and Big Food lobbyists are Misinforming Your Legislators – Call NOW to Correct the Facts!

Last week we sent out an urgent alert asking you to contact your Representatives due to a vote on the GMO labeling bill, HB 660.

Because of the length of the debate on the House floor on several unrelated bills, the House vote on GMO labeling has been delayed until this Wednesday, January 22.

This weekend we received confirmation that the opposition has launched an all out misinformation campaign to try to win votes against HB 660 and kill GMO labeling in New Hampshire.

We need you to make phone calls and send letters again to make sure they hear you loud and clear!

Contact your representative today to Vote YES on HB 660.

To send a letter:

1. Click here to sign a letter to tell your elected officials letting them know that you care about GMO labeling and want to see them act immediately to support a strong mandatory labeling bill. Every voice counts!

To find your representative’s phone number, click on the 1st link below:

2. Please make the call! – If you have two minutes to spare today – make a call to your legislators and let them know you support strong mandatory GMO labeling! Tell New Hampshire to pass a bill this year! Every voice counts!

GMO Labeling WILL come to the NH House this WEDNESDAY!

Call NOW:

Tell your legislator you want the right to know what is in your food.

Then, let them know you’d like to correct the misinformation they have heard.


  • Restaurants are exempt according to the amended version of HB 660. (Alcohol and medical food are also exempt.)
  • If someone thinks a food product has not been properly labeled, they can register a complaint with NH’s Dept. of Health and Human Services, and the department will have the MANUFACTURER prove that the food is properly labeled.  If it has not been properly labeled and the manufacturer refuses to correct the mislabeling, then there will be consequences for the MANUFACTURER, not the retailer.
  • The State of New Hampshire has determined that labeling is a cheap and effective tool to offer transparency in the marketplace, estimating that labeling would cost as little as 9 cents per NH resident.

Don’t let Biotech and the Grocery Manufacturers get in the way of a transparent food system.

It’s time to label GMOs, help New Hampshire lead the way!

Support GMO Labeling – Help Pass HB 660 a Strong Consumer Protection Bill!

VOTE SCHEDULED – Wednesday, JAN 22nd:

This week a vote is scheduled to take place in the NH House on HB 660, a bill “Requiring Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods & Agricultural Commodities,” on January 15th on the House floorMake sure your legislators here from you today!

  • HB 660 Will Pass Constitutional Challenge.  The language in New Hampshire’s HB 660 has been reviewed by legal and constitutional experts who remain confident that should it be challenged in court, it will stand up to constitutional scrutiny.
  • Right-to-Know is a Basic Consumer Right.  HB 660 is a consumer rights bill aimed at providing simple label transparency to New Hampshire citizens.  It doesn’t make a judgment as to whether GMOs are good or bad – it just requires food manufacturers to be honest and let citizens know whether a food is the result of genetic engineering.
  • No Scientific Consensus on Safety of GMOs.  Despite continued claims from Monsanto and the biotech industry, significant disagreement within the scientific community remains about the safety of genetically engineered crops and their accompanying pesticides, such as the popular weedkiller Roundup. Earlier this year more than 300 scientists signed a declaration stating, No scientific consensus on GMO safety.


  • According to a scientific poll conducted this fall, 90% of New Hampshire voters support their right to know about GMO food.

This is an urgent vote and all hands on deck moment! If you’ve already made a call, please forward this information on to everyone that you know!

Send a letter to your Representative by signing the letter below:

Click here if you think you have a Right to Know what’s in your food! Tell your elected officials that you care about GMO labeling and want to see them act immediately to pass this bill. Every voice counts!