Mr. Pompeo is rewarding his campaign donors and punishing their competitors, a classic definition of Crony Capitalism. 

House Resolution 4432 prohibits the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food supply (HR 4432, Title I, Sec. 103 & 104) and increases the regulation of natural foods producers (HR 4432, Title II), which are direct competitors to GMOs.

Specifically, the pro-GMO legislation would create an entire new bureaucracy at the Food and Drug Administration to subject natural food producers to more onerous and crippling regulations.  While those who manipulate food products with GMOs and treat them with harsh chemicals are given protection from labeling. 

Mr. Pompeo’s legislation is essentially a pay-off to the corporations funding his campaign, his special interest contributors and their lobbyists.  In his efforts to thank his many special interest contributors, his legislation would increase the size of government (which he claims to oppose) and mandate new regulations (which he also claims to oppose) to punish the competitors of his financial backers.

“There was no outcry in Kansas for prohibiting the labeling of GMOs.  This came from the lobbyists and corporations funding his campaign. They want the best legislation money can buy and Pompeo delivered,” stated Todd Tiahrt.  “This is simply Crony Capitalism in its purest form.”

Originally Published: Kansas for Tiahrt