Earlier this week, genetically engineered ingredients found in Portland baby formula and Measure 92 endorsed by Eugene Weekly, public poll shows Yes on Measure 92 leading by 7 despite massive spending from the no side

Chemical Company Drops Massive Money Bomb on Oregon

DuPont Pioneer has now made by far the largest political contributions in Oregon history to stop Measure 92.

The company donated almost $4.5 million in one fell swoop, shattering campaign finance records. Along with Monsanto’s recent $4 million, the No on 92 Coalition has now swept past previous records set by the tobacco companies in their effort to defeat Measure 50 in 2007.  

“DuPont Pioneer is a major manufacturer of genetically engineered crops designed to survive massive spraying of herbicides and pesticides. We've been saying since the beginning of this campaign that the big chemical conglomerates are willing to spend millions to block Oregonians from being able to tell which foods on sale in the grocery store are contributing to the huge spike in the use of these toxic chemicals, and this contribution today proves it,” says Sandeep Kaushik, a spokesperson for the Yes on Measure 92 campaign.

He added, “It is clear these companies are getting desperate, with new poll results showing Yes on Measure 92 holding a 44 percent to 37 percent lead over the no side. Most Oregonians want to know what is in their foods and won’t be fooled by the huge disinformation campaign pushed by the chemical industry and big food manufacturers.”

The huge out-of-state corporate contributions fueling the opposition is in stark contrast to the almost 5000 individual Oregon donors who have given to the Yes on 92 campaign.

Genetically Engineered Ingredients Found in Baby Formula Sold in Portland

On Thursday, the Center for Food Safety released test results of three common infant formula products that were purchased in Portland, Oregon on October 8, 2014 and laboratory tested for the presence of soy products that had been genetically engineered for resistance to the herbicides glyphosate, which was first produced by Monsanto, and glufosinate, which is marketed by Bayer Crop Science.

Two of the three infant formula products tested, Similac Soy Isomil and Enfamil Prosobee Powder Soy Infant Formula, tested positive for soy genetically engineered for resistance to spraying with glyphosate and glufosinate.

A recent Consumer Reports study found genetically engineered ingredients in a number of food products.  The CFS testing, however, is the first testing of any Oregon-bought infant formula and comes as Oregonians are debating Measure 92, which would label foods such as infant formula.

Dr. Ray Seidler, the first EPA scientist to ever study genetically engineered crops had this to say. “Everything we know from the recent medical literature suggests we should be doing everything possible to reduce infant exposure to chemicals. Finding soy in infant formula that has been genetically engineered specifically to survive high levels of chemical pesticide spraying is a real concern and takes us in the wrong direction.

Coverage can be found at the Statesman Journal by Clicking Here

Eugene Weekly Endorses Measure 92

Also this week, the Eugene Weekly endorsed Measure 92 this week with a powerful statement:

“If you are anti-GMO you are going to want to know if your raw or processed food has genetically modified ingredients or is GM. If you are pro-GMO, then it’s hard to see why you would mind if your food is labeled GM, loud and proud. Vote yes and don’t let out-of-state chemical companies determine what you eat.”

They join The Register-Guard, the Medford Mail Tribune, the Ashland Daily Tidings and The Baker City Herald in endorsing Measure 92.


Paige Richardson