By: Ralph Penunuri

Measure 92, “GMO Right to Know” needs your yes vote. It’s a right to know and health-safety issue that is obscured by corporate coverup, denial and propaganda.

This upgraded toxic proposal by chem ag interests and investors hides the real dangers and shocking truth about the toxins going into our struggling ecology of soil, water tables, food crops — and our bodies.

There is documented GE/GMO seed drift and spreading crop contamination with GE/GMO crops. Current Monsanto/Chem Ag proposals seek to bring back more powerful herbicides, like currently banned 2-4-D (Agent Orange key component), and adding stronger neonic pollinator killers, shown to breed new “super weeds” — which require ever stronger herbicides, to overcome their progressive resistance to increasingly stronger toxic compounds.

These toxins permeate all cells of treated crops. Shall we then be unknowingly forced to eat these toxic time bombs — by a profit-crazed industry with no apparent conscience about long-term consequences.

Please out the truth and vote yes on Oregon GMO Right to Know Measure 92 — for our land and water, our environment, our food, our health and our children.

Originally Published: Gazette Times