Dear Food Democracy Now! Supporters,
All hands on deck – Oregon is still in play!
This is down to the wire folks – the fight to win GMO labeling in Oregon is gathering steam with more votes tilting to our side as the final  vote tally is coming in. We have until November 18th until ballots are certified and we have a series of breaking developments taking place in Oregon today.
Right now just 6,634 votes separate us from winning Yes on 92! After an onslaught of more than $22 million dollars in negative ads and 1,475,702 votes cast, we are within striking distance.This afternoon we just learned from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office that there are 13,000 contested ballots outstanding that we now have a chance to chase down to find out how the voter intended to vote.
Please – don't miss this chance to make sure every vote is counted for GMO labeling. Your donation today will make sure we can track down every last vote.
The Challenged Ballot Chase in On! — This is groundbreaking and could shift the election our way! Oregon is an all vote by mail state with a new law that allows us to contact voters with challenged ballots to makes sure their vote is counted for our side if that was the voter’s intent.
According to the new law passed last year, on the 8th day after the election, country election officers are required by law to make a list of contested/ challenged ballots to the public to allow for those voters to verify their vote and have it counted under the law.
Incidences of a challenged ballot include voters who forgot to sign their ballot, the signature did not match with county records or another problem with signature / ballot verification. 
Right now we have exactly 8 days to chase down these challenged ballots and get their votes to count for Yes on 92! We are in unchartered territory right now and need everyone to step up to make sure we can win this.
As of today, Monsanto and the Big Food lobbyists will be sending planefuls of lawyers to Oregon to try to block our success. As they have before, the opposition will use every intimidation tactic in the books to stop us from winning but we’re counting on you to help us make sure we have the resources we need to chase down these final votes.
The Yes on 92 campaign has estimated that this will cost an additional $200,000 to $300,000 to make sure we have the resources on the ground to chase these ballots down.
We want to make sure that every vote is counted.
As with every ballot initiative that we’ve run from California to Oregon, our side always has a higher vote count on Election Day and so the vote count narrows as we get closer to the final vote certification. As we’re watching now in Oregon the vote is flipping in our favor in a big way and we need to make sure we do everything to close this narrow gap!
As of Monday, November 10 at 5:00pm, according to the Secretary of State, the unofficial results of Measure 92 are:
No:      741,165           (50.22%)
Yes:     734,531           (49.78%)
6,634-vote difference
Estimated Ballots remaining to be tallied:
Challenged ballots = 13,000
Outstanding votes to be tallied = 15,000 – 20,000? (we will get a new number tomorrow morning).
The deadline for voters to correct their challenged ballots is close of business on Tuesday, November 18.
At Food Democracy Action! we want to thank you the incredible support you’ve given this movement so far. We wouldn’t be here without you and the support of our allies. Please help us in these final hours to have the resources the campaign needs to get these votes counted. It could make the difference and push us to victory!
Thank you for participating in food democracy,
Dave Murphy, Founder / Executive Director Food Democracy Now!, President, Food Democracy Action!
P.S. We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate and want to thank you for whatever contribution you can make, whether it's sharing this information with your friends and family or forwarding this email to whoever you think might be interested in this vital issue. It takes a movement to change the world and we thank each and every one of you for your support.
Funds donated directly to campaigns must be raised through Food Democracy Action, our allied 501(c)4 lobbying arm.