Urgent action needed: Monsanto and the GMA's out-of-state political operatives are breaking the law during the Oregon recount – Only 812 votes separate us from victory – Help make sure Every vote counts!

Dear Food Democracy Now! Supporters,

The official Measure 92 recount started this week in Oregon and things are not going well. Already, the Monsanto-led opposition has illegally flown in out-of-state-observers to recount locations. In several cases, these observers have been kicked out, as legally only Oregon residents who are registered voters may serve as observers.

Food Democracy Now! is also hearing reports that the opposition has sunk even lower by disrupting the recount process, illegally handling ballots, and attempting to skirt the Oregon residency requirement by instructing out-of-state workers to get an Oregon ID and register as an Oregon voter. Incredibly, even a Grocery Manufacturers Association lobbyist from Virginia was caught trying to sign in as an election observer. This is all illegal, appalling and an affront to democracy and justice everywhere.

Even worse is the failure of Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown to take swift action and ensure that County Clerks are uniform in enforcing laws to keep the paid Monsanto out of state observers from disrupting the recount.  The Secretary of State has also fallen short in making sure proper Oregon resident observers are allowed meaningful access so they can actually see what the election workers are doing and if they are properly determining each voter's intent.

We need immediate action! >> Tell Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown to enforce the laws barring outside influence and to allow every vote cast during the election to be counted. We expect Monsanto to play dirty, but our election officers should be fair and play by the rules. Every voice counts!


Finally, a whopping 4,600 some voters who followed all the laws in voting their ballot, but still had it rejected all because a county elections staff found the signature on their ballot did not match the signature on their registration card, which could have been submitted many years ago!  The ballot does not say that it will be rejected unless the signature matches the signature on your registration card from however many months or years ago. 

Without clear evidence of fraud or foul play, every signed ballot timely submitted must be opened and counted.  

By failing to follow this reasonable and prudent legal standard, Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown is potentially intentionally disenfranchising Oregon voters, some of whom may not sign every signature the same due to a number of factors, including age, illness and disability.

At Food Democracy Now! we’re asking that every vote count. No matter the outcome, we stand behind the idea that every vote cast should be opened and counted.

If we don’t take a stand, elections in the future could be decided by the random interpretation of signatures. Already, several complaints from individuals who have severe health issues and disabilities have stepped forward to tell of their story.

The real question for Oregon, and all election officials nationwide is, will some arbitrary signature matching process now become the new poll tax keeping valid voters and their ballots from be counted?

Tell Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown to make sure that Oregon county election officials enforce the laws barring outside influence and to allow every vote cast during the election to be counted. Every vote counts!


Remember, democracy is like a muscle, either use it or lose it!

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team


1. "GMO labeling campaign claims opponents playing dirty", Oregon Statesman Journal, December 6, 2014.