Monsanto, the world's leading genetically modified food producer, has been implicated in litigation again in China in its attempt to get a foothold in the huge market. Citizens have demanded the authorities to publish the results of a toxicity test on its glyphosate herbicide Roundup products, according to the Changjiang Times.

Last week, the Beijing district court decided to list the company as a defendant, along with China's Ministry of Agriculture, when reviewing the accusation filed by Beijing resident Yang Xiaolu asking the ministry to publish the test report.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under the WHO has listed glyphosate as a possible carcinogen but Monsanto has no plans to recall the herbicide. It contends that the report is by no means conclusive.

The toxicity report, made in December 1985, was submitted to China's Ministry of Agriculture by Monsanto in 1988 when applying to register its Roundup product.

Chen Yiwen, former adviser to the China Calamity Prevention Association, claimed that the aforementioned report was made on glyphosate, rather than Roundup as a finished product, adding that the document had been forged in terms of date, signature, and contents, according to the report. Monsanto should submit the toxicity report on Roundup made by Younger Laboratories of the US in 1988, Chen added.

Roundup is an herbicide widely applied to crops which have been genetically modified to resist the lethal effects of the chemical. This including GM soybean, 60% of the global output of which is consumed by people in China.

Monsanto derives one-sixth of its revenue from glyphosate herbicide, with the Roundup series as its mainstay.

Originally Published: Want China Times