By: Robert Coleman

The New Yorker’s Michael Specter brushed off the World Health Organization’s findings that powerful weed killer glyphosate “probably” causes cancer. The issue is, his sources to refute the WHO’s findings are not exactly unbiased.

EWG’s Emily Cassidy:

He (Specter) wrote that “the data are, again, clear: after nearly forty years of use, no study has demonstrated a link between glyphosate and cancer in humans.”

The support for his claim? Incredibly, Specter cites a study whose lead author is David Saltmiras, Ph.D., a toxicologist whose biography, posted on, a website sponsored by Monsanto and other biotechnology companies, is “Science Fellow and Toxicology Manager of the Novel Chemistry and Microbials Product platform at the Monsanto Company.

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Originally Published: Environmental Working Group