By: Peter Black

Jennifer Garner has become an anti-GMO advocate.

"My friend Gisele [Bundchen] and I are fed up with being kept in the dark about GMO and non-GMO labeling," the 43-year-old actress said Monday at Bundchen's Just Label It Anti-GMO Event, according to E! News. "I got involved because she said, 'Do you know what's happening?' She's a firecracker. She said, 'You have to educate yourself.'"

"It's easy for me to shop at places where foods are labeled," Garner added. "Only 3% of the food we produce is non-GMO. But if that 3% is available to you, you kind of take that for granted, but the rest of the country is being fed food—certainly all of the animals that are being turned into our meat, they're all being fed food that's been genetically modified."

The "Dallas Buyers Club" actress, in order to avoid feeding her and husband Ben Affleck's three children—Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3—genetically modified foods, grows her own produce in her garden.

"I cook for my kids, and we have a garden. We try to grow whatever we can, although I can't say we have the hugest crop in the world, but I do try to pay close attention and I do my best," Garner said, according to Us Weekly.

"But we talk about our food, we grow food, we talk about what goes into it and how hard it is. They planted it, they water it, they take pictures next to it. I'm a geek."

In the Affleck household, eating healthy apparently doesn't mean eating lightly.

"I make everything," Garner said. "Roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade bread, corn on the cob, you know, whatever."

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