PITTSBURGH — Hundreds of people marched from the Strip District into downtown Pittsburgh Saturday as part of a protest.

Marchers were protesting the agro-chemical company Monsanto and their use of the chemical glyphosate.

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in the company’s Round Up Weed Killer.

The World Health Organization has determined that glyphosate is a “probable carcinogen” within the food supply.

Protesters believe that the public should be more aware of the genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, found in food.

“We plan on making a difference by educating the public about what a GMO is, that they’re eating it unknowingly because it isn’t labeled in the United States," said Katie Pipak, co-coordinator of the march held in Pittsburgh.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, glyphosate can be found in drinking water from herbicide runoff.

This year’s event spanned six continents, 48 countries, and 421 cities, according to a press release from the official website for the march.

Originally Published: WPXI