ATTLEBORO – Local residents are petitioning U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III to support legislation calling for more labeling of genetically modified food.

The residents are also asking the congressman to oppose a Republican bill that would ban states from passing food-safety laws.

Residents dropped off two letters to Kennedy, D-Brookline, at his Attleboro office while 10 to 15 stopped into his Newton headquarters.

Andrea Spencer of Norton said she supports more disclosure legislation because she knows that in some cases dog food has more information about its contents than human food.

People should be able to determine if food is healthy, she said.

Another letter was sent by Christine Mulhall and Susan Kinnel of The Good Seed natural food store.

"As the owners of a natural food store, we see adults and children dealing with food allergies who need to know what ingredients are in their foods.

"As parents, we want our children to eat and have access to whole organic natural foods. Since genetically modified foods are not found in nature, they do not meet the requirements of 'natural' labeling," the letter stated.

They also asked Kennedy to oppose a bill they nicknamed "The Dark Act." It would ban states from requiring labeling of genetically modified food.

Kennedy's office said he was still reviewing the legislation.

Originally Published: The Sun Chronicle