By: Rebecca Shabad

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday adopted a GOP amendment that would require the Food and Drug Administration to label salmon products if they’ve been genetically engineered.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who introduced the proposal, describes the genetically engineered product as “Frankenfish.”

“If FDA moves forward as it currently is, there would be no requirement to ensure people know that’s what they’re eating,” Murkowski warned during the markup of a bill to fund the Department of Agriculture and the FDA for the next fiscal year.

If the FDA continues to move forward, her amendment would require the agency to indicate on labels if it’s a genetically engineered fish or wild Alaska salmon, for example.

“Frankenfish” mixes in the genes of various types of fish like transgenic Atlantic salmon, Murkowski explained, and is designed to produce a fish that will grow twice the size in half the time.

Grocery store chains, she added, have already said they won’t sell these products if their origins are unclear.

Originally Published: The Hill