By: Sam Marsh

Josephine County says it won’t enforce a countywide ban on genetically modified crops — for now.

County Legal Counsel Wally Hicks informed attorneys for the local farm family that sued to block enforcement of the county’s GMO crop ban ordinance that “the County will stay the self-reporting deadline and enforcement of the ordinance while the case is pending.”

Robert A. White, Jr., and his wife Shelly filed suit September 3rd seeking to block county officials from enforcing the GMO crop ban which actually took effect September 4th.

John DiLorenzo, the White’s attorney, said they are grateful for the county’s willingness to stay enforcement pending resolution of their complaint that the GMO crop ban ordinance violates a state law that expressly preempts local crop bans.

Josephine County and the plaintiffs have agreed to a schedule of filings and motions that will allow the case to be scheduled for hearing after the first of the year.

Originally Published: KAJO