By: Anna Amad

Recent studies had proven that the disease has become resistant to antibiotics. Patients with an increased life risk because of the invading bacterium are recommended to take the medicine even though some experts argue about its effects.  

Salmonella is classified as a rod-shaped, Gram-negative, very varied genus of bacteria that are usually found in the intestines of human and animals. Unlike other bacteria such as clostridium botulinumSalmonella is actually harmful to the body once it is ingested. It is so dangerous that every year, there's an estimated report of 19,000 hospitalizations and 380 deaths that are all from Salmonella infection. But unlike other diseases, Salmonella has a cure.

Some experts argue that if you intake an antibiotic, it can only prolong the stay of the bacteria in your system, thus increasing the chances of infecting others. While there are some who explain that even though using antibiotics can be dangerous to some, it is still recommended.

In situations where antibiotics are needed, there are three types of antibiotics that the doctors most recommend. Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, ampicillin or amoxicillin are the best choices for patients. Although there are other medicines such as flouroquinolones, these three stand out since they don't require an age bracket in order for them to become effective. The specific antibiotic that will then be chosen depends on the susceptibility of the bacteria and the possible ability to fight treatment.

In some parts of the United States, the use of fluoroquinoles on children and pregnant women garnered mixed reviews from therapeutic experts, not only because of the potential toxic that it brings to the cartilage but also side effects such as  photosensitivity, electrocardiographic abnormalities and tendinopathies.

The use of antibiotics to pregnant women with Salmonella also garnered some unwanted attention as there has been a report of a lady losing her unborn child while the Salmonella bacterium disseminates from her body. Although there are many options for Salmonella treatments, the antimicrobial therapy remains to be one of the hottest topics because its effectiveness against the bacterium proves to be different for a lot of people.

Originally Published: The Science Times