Food products with GM ingredients should be labeled as GM products, if the modified ingredients account for at least three percent of the product in New Taipei City, according to local media.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — New Taipei City government stepped up rules of genetically modified (GM) food labeling, local media reported Friday.

According to Focus Taiwan news channel, food products with GM ingredients should be labeled as GM products, if the modified ingredients account for at least three percent of the product.

Before the new rules came into effect, the share of GM additives to the product, which were allowed without labeling,  estimated at five percent.


Under the new regulations, if the producers fail to meet the demands, they should recall all the inappropriate food and pay up to 3 million new Taiwanese dollars (some $91,000 at current exchange rates) for improper labeling or up to 4 million new Taiwanese dollars for false labeling.


Originally Published: Sputnik