Taking copies is forbidden, so re-analysis by independent scientists will not be possible

The Glyphosate Task Force, a group of companies that market glyphosate herbicides, has opened a reading room in Brussels for the public access of 71 industry studies on glyphosate, according to a German language press release from the group. The studies are used by companies to gain regulatory approval for glyphosate in countries across the world.

Thus far the studies have remained commercial secrets. This fact has angered NGOs and independent scientists, who wish to re-analyse the data to check if they really prove the safety of glyphosate, as the pesticide industry claims, or reveal toxic effects.

Those who wish to view the studies in the reading room must submit to a stringent set of conditions, including being forbidden from making copies of the data. Thus internet access is banned and “Any device, such as mobile phones or other handheld/mobile wireless devices, laptops, PDAs, voice recorders, cameras, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and the like, will be locked away and returned upon exit from the reading room.”

So re-analysis of the data – the chief public interest reason for inspecting them – will not be possible. 

The conditions also note, “A security guard will conduct the visitor from the front desk to the reading room. The Glyphosate Task Force reserves the right to disclose the visitors’ identity to its members [which include Monsanto] upon their request. The reading room will be protected by two security guards, who will be instructed by the terms of the present Reading Room Rules.”

The reading room will only be open until the end of September.

Those who still want to read the studies under these conditions must register in advance.

Originally Posted: GMWatch.org