Sonoma County products are nationally and internationally recognized for their high quality and purity. 

The vast majority of Sonoma County farmers grow crops that have not been genetically engineered.  However, as more genetically engineered (GE/GMO) crops and grasses are introduced, they will pose a real threat to the livelihood of our local farmers.  Genetically engineered plant pollen and seed cannot be contained when grown in open fields.  They are carried by the wind, bees and on the fur of animals, contaminating neighboring farms and pastures.  It’s that simple. Our local farmers have the right to grow the crops they choose. If more than a trace (.9%) of a farmer’s crop is contaminated, it is illegal for that farmer to sell or save the seed, and according to U.S. patent law, it belongs to the corporation holding the patent on the seeds. This ballot measure is all about protecting the right of local farmers to continue growing traditional crops without the fear of having them compromised.

Santa Cruz, Marin, Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt Counties have had similar measures to protect their local farms in place for up to 11 years with no costs to county or taxpayers. Their prohibitions are working as intended. Ours will too!

Vote "Yes" on "Measure M" in November!

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