Originally published by Lincoln Journal Star

A pair of agricultural companies that sent pesticide-treated seed to AltEn have asked Saunders County to put off approval of a conditional use permit for a cattle operation being sold by the Mead ethanol plant’s owners.

In a May 20 letter to county and village officials, Corteva Agriscience and Syngenta Seeds said the “closed-loop system” used by AltEn and Mead Cattle Co., where the feedlot provided manure that was used to create the methane powering the ethanol plant, has complicated cleanup of the site.

The letter also signals the broader involvement of the seed industry at AltEn. Previously, Bayer was the only company that had disclosed its part in mitigating the contamination at the facility.

AltEn, deemed revolutionary for the energy industry when it first went into operation as E3 Biofuels in 2007, has since become an environmental and health concern, resulting in a lawsuit filed by the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.

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