Author: Food Democracy Now

Vilsack sees big shift in ag induced by climate

Originally published by The Storm Lake Times Iowan reprises role with pledge to diverse, resilient food systems January 22, 2021 Art Cullen US Agriculture Secretary nominee Tom Vilsack of West Des Moines promised Monday to...

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Glyphosate May Affect Human Gut Microbiota

More than half of bacterial species in the core of the human gut microbiome are potentially sensitive to glyphosate, shows new research. Researchers from the University of Turku introduced the first bioinformatics resource to determine and test the potential sensitivity of organisms to glyphosate.

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Court Halts Key Permits for Mountain Valley Pipeline

Olivia Rosane Nov. 10, 2020 11:43AM EST Originally published: EcoWatch  The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline threatens water sources, species habitat, and scenery along the Appalachian Trail. Thomas Cizauskas / Flickr Opponents...

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