Yet again, the USDA is poised to approve another of Monsanto’s latest GMO creation, in spite of the fact that glaring scientific anomalies have been discovered in the USDA’s own assessment, including potential “horizontal gene transfer” into the wild and random, disappearing genes that somehow “got deleted” in the genetic engineering process. Despite Monsanto’s claims of increased yields for their GMO drought corn – MON87460 – the real answers lies in organic and sustainable farming practices which have repeatedly been proven scientifically safe and reliable and financially profitable. Approving further GMO crops until rigorous, independent scientific testing can be conducted puts human health, farmer’s economic livelihood and the environment at risk solely for corporate profits.

Tell Secretary Vilsack that it’s time to protect family farmers and stop letting Big Ag write the rules.

Your comments will be submitted to the USDA on August 12th.

To have more impact, please take a moment to write a personalized message about how important it is that the USDA protect America’s family farmers and stops allowing Big Ag lobbyists to write the rules.


The USDA is seeking written comments from the public on the Monsanto’s new drought-tolerant corn, MON87460 proposal by August 12th. Docket No. APHIS-2011-0023.

As a farmer/ consumer I strongly oppose approval of this genetically engineered crop:

1. The USDA has overly relied on corporate science provided by Monsanto. Like many previously approved GMO crops, MON87460 has not undergone proper independent peer reviewed trials necessary to protect America’s family farmers, consumers and the environment from unintended consequences of this novel technology.

2. A growing body of scientific evidence has shown that agricultural biotech industry claims regarding the environmental and human health safety of these products has been greatly exaggerated. As an American citizen, I strongly believe that the U.S. government should protect the safety of its citizens, farmers and the environment above promoting unproven corporate science and profits.

3. I find it alarming that the U.S. government relies on studies conducted by the very corporations that stand to profit from the untested technologies that they promote and demand that rigorous, independent peer reviewed scientific trials be conducted before any more genetically engineered crops be approved.

4. I am deeply disturbed by the fact that the USDA’s own assessment of MON87460 admits that “horizontal gene transfer” readily occurs in nature, but fails to take into account that British scientists have discovered that a leading genetic component found in MON87460 has been found to “move across GM organisms and out into the wild.”

5. Additionally, the USDA assessment admits that multiple genetic components inserted into Monsanto’s new GMO crop “did not get incorporated into the transformed plant” or “got deleted” in the insertion process. As a citizen, I’m concerned about the implications of disappearing genes, which indicates that ag biotech companies do not know the full ramifications of the science they are promoting and thus imposing on the U.S. and global food supply.

6. As a consumer, I’m alarmed at the recent discovery of Bt toxin from GMO corn, engineered to release an insecticide, found in 93% of blood samples taken from pregnant women and 80% umbilical cords tested, which has occurred despite ag biotech industry promises who claimed that such a thing could not happen.

7. The Obama administration needs to consider a moratorium on new agricultural biotech crops until questions into the human health and environmental implications can be further answered by rigorous independent peer reviewed studies.

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