Today, America remains divided along increasingly partisan lines. If there’s one thing that’s been shown to unite Republicans and Democrats, it’s labeling of genetically engineered foods! That’s right, a recent poll found that 89% of Republicans and 93% of Democrats believed in labeling of foods that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Incredibly, in 2007 then Senator Barack Obama made a campaign promise to label GMOs. Join us today to encourage First Lady Michelle Obama to call on President Obama to Unite America by renewing his pledge to “let folks know whether their food has been been genetically modified, because Americans should know what they’re buying!”.

Tell President Obama it’s time to Unite America and Label GMOs!


A copy of this petition will be delivered to the White House:

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

Thank you for taking leadership and championing healthier foods for our children and our nation. A healthy diet includes an informed choice and transparency on our labels. Polls show that Americans are united on labeling of foods that are genetically engineered.

Please urge your husband, President Obama to renew his promise to label foods that have been genetically engineered in high tech laboratories. Because we have a right to know what we’re buying. Let’s Move on GMO Labeling to Unite America!

Thank you!