This week we’re traveling to Washington DC to deliver more than 100,000 comments from Food Democracy Now! members to help end antitrust violations in our food system. Join us in supporting the Department of Justice and the USDA by telling them to continue their investigations into excessive consolidation in our food and agricultural sectors, vigorously enforce antitrust laws, and break up the unfair food monopolies. Make your voice heard by signing our letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary Tom Vilsack.



Here is the letter that we will deliver to Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary Tom Vilsack thanking them for their year-long investigation into anticompetitive practices in food and agriculture and asking them to break up food monopolies.

Dear Attorney General Holder and Secretary Vilsack,

I am writing to thank you for taking the concerns of family farmers, rural advocates and consumers seriously by holding workshops that address the lack of competition and excessive market concentration in our food and agricultural sectors. For too long, unchecked corporate mergers have been allowed to put the profits of a few agribusiness corporations above the interests of family farmers, rural Americans and our nation’s 300 million citizens. I greatly appreciate all your efforts in this vitally important endeavor, and believe more than ever serious action must now be taken to rectify the serious problems you’ve uncovered.

As a result of decades of increased consolidation of America’s food system, our nation’s food is less safe, more vulnerable to food safety outbreaks and our environment more polluted. Even worse is the destructive impact this corporate influence has had on the ability of our nation’s family farmers to stay on the land and earn a living. Family farmers and rural America remain the backbone of our nation, but unfortunately, as a result of years of corporate influence over our food and agricultural polices, rural America has suffered depopulation and underemployment, burdensome debt and lack of real economic opportunity.

To renew our faith in America’s justice system, create opportunities for family farmers and rebuild a healthy, fair and nutritious food system, then our nation’s antitrust laws must be vigorously enforced without bias. I urge the Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Agriculture to thoroughly examine the control of our food system and take immediate action to address unfair practices.


[Your name]


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