Unlabeled GMO fruits are about to invade America’s fields, plates and grocery stores – GMO apples have been approved – Now GMO peaches, pears, cherries, bananas and oranges are in the works!


On Friday, February 13th, the USDA shamelessly approved two new varieties of GMO apples engineered with a new, untested “gene silencing” technique that scientists believe could have negative and unintended consequences on human health and the environment.


The problem is, this is only the beginning. At the moment, the same company already has new varieties of GMO peaches, pears and cherries in development and a new GMO banana will be tested on student volunteers in Iowa sometime this year.


Unfortunately, once approved, these new GMO fruits will appear unlabeled on grocery shelves across the country. We need you to raise your voice today! It’s common sense folks – GMO labeling is as American as apple pie! Don’t let Monsanto and the biotech industry silence you or your genes today –Tell Congress to pass GMO labeling!