Once again, the Obama administration has approved a new GMO crop that is potentially harmful to the environment and human health, despite widespread resistance from farmers, scientists and everyday citizens.


Yesterday, the USDA approved a new GMO apple that relies on a “gene silencing” technique that scientists believe could interfere with the expression of genes in humans, potentially causing serious health problems.


At the same time, Monsanto and giant food companies are scheming behind the scenes to pass a bill in Congress that would kill mandatory GMO labeling efforts and replace it with a gutted bill that will preempt states’ rights and give the illusion of oversight – essentially killing the GMO labeling in the U.S..


But there’s still hope, this week, members of Congress introduced legislation that would require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and prohibit the term “natural” to be used on foods containing GMOs.


It’s common sense folks, but the people allegedly representing us in Washington DC need to hear from you today – GMO labeling is as American as apple pie! Don’t let Monsanto and the biotech industry silence you or your genes today – Tell Congress to pass GMO labeling!