If you haven’t heard, apples are the single most popular fruit served in school lunchrooms across the U.S. and tragically, a Canadian firm has created a new GMO apple, using a new “gene silencing” technique that could interfere with the expression of genes in humans, even silencing vital human genes, potentially causing serious health problems.

Right now, the Obama administration is considering the approval of the world’s first genetically engineered apple, known as the ArcticApple®, which has been engineered to silence the natural browning enzyme that may help apples fight disease and pests. If approved, this GMO apple will appear on shelves unlabeled and without proper regulation.

Currently, the Canadian firm, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, is hoping its GMO apple, will be approved in Golden Delicious and Granny Smith varieties, despite the fact that it faces stiff opposition from consumers, apple growers and some of the nation’s leading apple growing associations. Legitimate concerns center on the utterly worthless cosmetic genetic alteration to the GMO apple and the untested new genetic engineering technique used to create the apple.

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Dear Secretary Vilsack,

I urge the USDA to deny approval of Okanagan Specialty Fruit’s genetically engineered, non-browning “Arctic” apple (Docket No. APHIS-2012-0025).

The genetic engineering of such a commonly grown fruit could cause contamination of nearby organic or conventional apple orchards. Unlabeled GE apples could also find their way into non-GE fruit slices, juice, baby foods or apple sauce, products predominantly consumed by children and babies who are at increased risk for any adverse health effects.

The U.S. Apple Association, Northwest Horticultural Council (which represents Washington apple growers, who grow over 60% of the apples in the U.S.), British Columbia Fruit Growers Association and other grower groups have already voiced their disapproval of these GE apples due to the negative impact they could have on farmers growing organic and non-GE apples, and the apple industry as a whole.

This product is completely unnecessary and poses several risks to apple growers, the food industry and consumers. USDA should NOT approve this GE apple variety.


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