Two weeks ago, three Senators in the Oregon legislature allowed a dangerous bill, SB 633, to pass out of the Rural Communities and Economic Development committee by a vote of 3 to 2. If SB 633 – which is being called Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act – passes the legislature, it will permanently strip Oregon’s farmers and citizens of the right to make local agricultural decisions that protect area farmers, local economies and organic seed production and much, much more.

Known as a seed preemption bill, Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act seeks to protect big biotech interests in Oregon. The region of the Rogue Valley in Jackson County, a crown jewel of organic, non-GMO and heritage seed production, is being put at risk of permanent genetic pollution should this bill pass. The stakes couldn’t be higher!

A vote in the Oregon Senate is expected in the next 24 hours and we need your help. SB 633, will strip all local control of agricultural seed and seed production to be replaced with a “one size fits all” policy dictated by the state that will harm Oregon's farmers, your democratic rights and even the sales of Christmas trees.

Senator Roblan (D-Coos Bay) has even gone so far as to cite the Monsanto Protection Act, Section 735 of HR 933 as a justification for this latest corporate handout for the biotech chemical and seed companies. It's time to fight back!

Please make a call today to your state Senator to tell them to stop SB 633 – Oregon's new Monsanto Protection Act!