Today Oregon legislators and Governor John Kitzhaber will decide whether they will do the bidding of out of state multinational biotech seed giants like Monsanto and Syngenta or whether they will stand up to protect Oregon's family farmers and the future of our seed supply.

The stakes couldn't be higher. Today the Oregon legislature could pass SB 863 / SB 633, Oregon's Monsanto Protection Act, which would strip local countys' control over seeds, food and agriculture and deny county elected officials' ability to keep GMO crops from contaminating farmers' fields.

After dying in committee during the regular session earlier this year, SB 863, formerly known as SB 633, industrial ag corporations joined forces with the notorious ALEC and Koch brothers to slip this seed preemption bill into an unrelated emergency PERS tax and pension bill in Oregon.

Please join us in stopping this outrageous sneak attack on family farmers, their economic livelihoods, their way of life and the future integrity and survival of organic and non-GMO seed.

Already more than 1,000 family farmers and farm organizations and 28,000 individuals have signed this urgent letter – Please add your voice!