Once again the pesticide industry is pushing an unsafe chemical to be used on foods that you and your children love to eat. Last year the state of California, the nation’s largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables approved methyl iodide, a potent carcinogen and neurotoxin for agricultural use on strawberries. Already banned in New York and Washington, significant outcry from scientists and citizens around the country has led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider the ill-conceived approval of this toxic chemical from being sprayed on our food. We need to demand that they follow through and ban this chemcal once and for all.

Please add your voice to the public comment period to ban the agricultural use of methyl iodide and tell the EPA it’s time to protect American’s health and safety over toxic agribusiness profits.

A copy of this letter will be sent to Environmental Administrator Lisa Jackson along with your comments:

Dear Administrator Jackson, We urge you to follow the science on methyl iodide. We write in strong support of the petition to suspend and cancel all uses of methyl iodide (iodomethane) in the United States. Scientists across the country have studied and spoken: this chemical is too toxic to be used safely as a soil fumigant pesticide, and has no place in American agriculture.

Instead, we urge you to initiate a public process with USDA and President Obama to direct agricultural spending toward a green agricultural economy. Federal spending should support innovative farmers who grow food without reliance on toxic chemicals including synthetic fumigant pesticides, and scientists who document effective practices for fumigant-free farming. These farmers and researchers steward our natural resources and offer important engines for rural economic growth.

Please protect the American public by banning this chemical.