Last week Michelle Obama made a bold statement about how the food we feed our children not only impacts their health but also our nation’s future. Her “Let’s Move” campaign puts the issue of food front and center in our national dialogue. Join us in standing behind the First Lady’s leadership by signing this petition.

Here is the letter that we will deliver to First Lady Michelle Obama, thanking her for taking leadership on food, health and childhood obesity.

“Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

We want to thank you for highlighting the issue of childhood obesity and its root causes in our flawed food system. At a time when more and more Americans are beginning to see the connections between the food they eat and the consequences it has on our nation’s health, we’re grateful that you have chosen to use your position as First Lady to stand up for America’s children on a subject that will not only impact their future, but that of our nation as well.

Access to healthy food, whether through the national school lunch program or the local grocery store is an essential right for all of America’s children, and we’re encouraged that you have called attention to these issues by creating a proactive campaign that addresses issues of food in childhood health and nutrition.

[Your name]

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It’s time to make food healthy for all of America’s children.