For the past 20 plus years, the Hawaiian Islands have become ground zero for open air field trials of the biotech industry's toxic chemicals and experimental GMO crops. Multiple tests have shown that the biotech industry's harmful chemicals are contaminating local air and water sources that island residents and vacationers alike are exposed to. Even worse, at least 10 schools on Hawaii are only 100 yards away from GMO chemical fields, potentially endangering Hawaii’s school children's health for the sake of profits for chemical and biotech companies.

This Wednesday, July 31, a public hearing is being held by the Kauai City Council about Bill 2491, a common sense “Right to Know” bill to put public health ahead of biotech profits by limiting restricted use pesticides, prohibiting open air testing of experimental pesticides and experimental GMO’s and publicly disclosing pesticide use on the islands. This bill is unprecedented and needs your help to pass.