Tell Hershey’s to Kiss Monsanto Goodbye!

Last fall, while Californians were working to support their basic right to label genetically engineered foods through Prop 37, the Hershey Company, the nation’s largest chocolate-maker, contributed $519,000 to defeat them and your Right to Know what’s in your food. Rather than stand with Californians, Hershey’s joined with Monsanto, the world’s largest biotech seed company, who dumped in $8.1 million to stifle democracy and transparency.

If you’re uncertain why Hershey’s chose to climb into bed with Monsanto to defeat GMO labeling, consider the fact that Hershey’s Kisses are chock full of GMOs! Unfortunately, Hershey’s is caught in a huge pile of chocolate hypocrisy since Hershey’s sells GMO free chocolate in Europe, but keeps peddling GMOs in America.

This Valentine’s day, join Food Democracy Now! and say Goodbye to Hershey’s chocolate until they agree to sell GMO free chocolates in America.

Tell Hershey to Kiss Monsanto Goodbye!

Click here to download our Hershey’s Valentine’s Day graphic to remind you who supports GMOs and Monsanto and who’s against your right to know!

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Tell Hershey’s that you want them to stop opposing GMO labeling in the U.S. and get GMOs out of their American chocolates.

Dear John P Bilbrey, The Hershey Company, CEO, Jeff Beckman, Hershey’s, Public Relations, Alex Corcorn, Dagoba, marketing director,

I was appalled to learn of Hershey’s involvement in the No on 37 campaign by contributing $519,000 against my right to know what’s in my food. I support our right to know if our food has been genetically engineered and think Hershey’s should, too. I am asking Hershey’s to Kiss Monsanto Good-bye and also genetically engineered ingredients in your products. Studies for the safety of human consumption of GMOs were never conducted before these foods and ingredients were released on the market. There are now hundreds of studies from around the world that indicate that these foods and crops causes human and animal health problems and are a threat to our environment and agriculture. I’m telling Hershey’s that until you get GMO ingredients out of your products and stop supporting Monsanto by contributing against my Right to Know, I will not be buying Hershey’s – not even for Valentine’s Day – and I will tell my friends to do the same. I hope that as a company with deep roots in America, you will make the right and responsible choice and support our democratic rights for transparency and to food that is not harmful.


[Your Name]