When Barack Obama ran for President he promised to end the “revolving door” between agribusiness lobbyists and government and to “regulate” factory farms. Unfortunately Obama’s decision to appoint Monsanto super lobbyist Michael Taylor as FDA Food Safety Czar broke the trust that the American people had placed in him during his campaign. Now Michael Taylor is heading up undercover investigations at the FDA into small raw milk dairy farmers that end in armed raids while the worst factory farm violators are getting away. It’s time for President Obama to stand up for real food safety and put an end to the assault against family farmers producing healthy food.

Tell President Obama to DUMP Monsanto Michael Taylor!  It’s time to protect family farmers and stop letting Big Ag lobbyists write the rules.

Tell President Obama to fire FDA Food Safety Czar Monsanto Michael Taylor

I urge President Obama to fire FDA Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor for failing to protect America’s food supply.