Last year the Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Agriculture held a series of 5 workshops investigating anti-competitive practices in the food and agricultural sectors. Nowhere are these abuses more prevalent than in the extreme market share enjoyed by the seed and chemical company Monsanto, which has a virtual stranglehold on seed supplies in crucial sectors that has severely limited farmer’s choice in what traits they can buy. Monsanto’s control of the seed market is so high that 93% of soybeans, some 82% of corn, 93% of cotton and 95% of sugar beets grown in the U.S. contain Monsanto’s patented genes.

During the 2008 campaign, President Obama promised to deal with the worst monopoly abusers in agriculture. Well now is the time! Please join us in telling Department of Justice that it’s time to Break Up to Monsanto today!

Please add your name to the letter to President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Assistant Attorney General Varney and Secretary Vilsack:

For far too long Monsanto has been able to control important market access for family farmers. Today their power has grown too great, they own more than 90% of the GMO seed genetics in the world and this is having a harmful impact on farmer’s right to choose what type of seeds they want to plant and how American consumers want their food produced. Monsanto’s excessive market share harms farmers, the environment, innovation and our democracy. It’s time to Break Up Monsanto!

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Break Up Monsanto