In the past month, the American public has finally learned that for the past decade more than 70% of the hamburgers they eat contain a mysterious meat mixture called Pink Slime. Incredibly, USDA scientists originally called it “pink slime” and won’t eat it themselves. But three sitting U.S. governors and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack have decided that you and your children should be forced to eat Pink Slime, a goo-like substance that the Industrial Meat Factories deceptively call “lean, finely textured beef”.

While Industrial Meat proponents claim this mystery meat product in entirely safe, these same beef parts were once used sold to make dog food. Now those same scraps are going in our food and our children’s school lunches!

Tell the USDA, it’s time to: Get the Slime Out!

A copy of this petition will be delivered to the White House and USDA:

Dear Secretary Vilsack,

I am writing to urge you to immediately stop the use of Pink Slime in America’s National School Lunch Program. It’s an outrage that our nation’s children are being fed a low-quality beef filler that used to be destined for dog food and cooking oil.

While I’m encouraged that the Obama administration has rightfully responded to citizen pressure to allow schools to opt out of purchasing meat containing Pink Slime (AKA lean, finely textured beef) and to allow meat packers to label it for the first time, this is not enough!

America’s children deserve better than being fed a low-quality meat filler that even the USDA’s own microbiologist originally determined to be a “high-risk product” and called “economic fraud”.

The American people should not be forced to consume inferior meat products because of political maneuvering by the meat industry.

It’s time for our politicians to stand up for our right to safe and nutritious food for our families and children. I join with thousands of Americans in asking that you immediately remove Pink Slime aka “lean, finely textured beef” from the National School Lunch Program.

Our children deserve better!