Tell the USDA to Stop Rubberstamping GMO Crops!

Once again, the USDA and their friends at Monsanto and Dow Chemical are back at it – frantically working behind the scenes to rubberstamp new genetically engineered crops that are potentially damaging to human health and the environment with little or no serious scientific review to vouch for their long-term safety.

Earlier this summer, the USDA posted 12 new genetically engineered crops for public comment. In what can only be a perverse irony, public comments are due on September 11th. Even more alarming is the fact that 9 of the 12 new GMO crops are under a new fast-tracked process. That means USDA scientists will have even less time to properly review the shoddy corporate science that these corporations are allowed to submit to support their new untested products for approval.

Join us in calling for more rigorous peer-reviewed scientific testing before approving more GMOs. Tell the USDA it’s time to stop rubberstamping approval of untested GMO crops!

Your comments will be submitted to the USDA:

Dear Secretary Vilsack, I am writing to urge you to not approve any of the 12 genetically engineered crops currently being considered for deregulated status by the USDA. Due to concerns being raised by scientists and farmers across the US on the food and environmental safety and effectiveness of genetically engineered crops, I request that the USDA stop rubberstamping the deregulation of genetically engineered crops until further studies have been conducted that conclusively determine the safety and necessity of these crops. Two of the crops being considered for approval, those that are tolerant to 2,4-D and dicamba, specifically will likely encourage the overuse of these toxic agrichemicals, which have been shown to have serious health and environmental concerns. In addition, farmers are concerned with the volatile nature of 2,4-D as it is likely to contaminate neighboring fields with unwanted chemicals that kill crops that are not engineered to withstand 2,4-D and it is the #1 cause of crop damage episodes investigated by state departments of agriculture in the US. The solutions to feeding a growing population lie within improved distribution infrastructure, less waste and sustainable agriculture methods, according to a study supported by the United Nations, WHO and others. Additionally, the report states that the methods that we are currently pursuing are actually increasing hunger, exhausting resources and exacerbating climate change. This must change. I encourage the USDA to use our resources and tax dollars to pursue workable solutions and sound science to develop our food system to be based on sustainable agriculture principles, not more genetically engineered crops that are failing us.


[Your Name]