Thank your Heroes of Yes on 37 to Label GMOs!

Join us in thanking our organic heroes! We came close on election night, 47 to 53, but we came up short. Despite this tough loss, we’ve built a powerful movement against the world’s largest pesticide and junk food companies and we’re going forward. Even after spending more than $46 million dollars on deceptive and misleading ads, more than 5 million Californians voted Yes on 37 to label genetically engineered foods.

This is a remarkable accomplishment and has already permanently changed the conversation on food, agriculture and labeling GMOs here in the U.S. Please take a moment to thank those Organic Heroes who stood with us on Prop 37 to label GMOs. These are the ones who stood up for your Right to Know and will lead the fight in the future!

Click here to download the updated Food Democracy Now! Heroes and Zeroes Scorecard to remind you who’s against your right to know and who is standing with you!
(Right click or option-click the link and choose “Save As…” to download the image.

Please take a moment to write a quick note thanking those who stood up for Your Right to Know on Prop 37 to label GMOs!
If you have a favorite food from one of these companies let them know! Dear Organic Hero, I’d like to thank you for standing with the mothers, fathers, farmers and everyday citizens of California who fought to pass Yes on 37 to label genetically engineered foods. We came up short on election day, but more than 5 million Californians voted Yes on 37 and we made huge strides in raising awareness on GMO labeling and the flaws behind genetically engineered crops. Thanks for all you’re doing to make the world a better place! Please write a comment to tell one of these Organic Heroes about why you appreciate them so much for standing up for your basic Right to Know.
Examples of spontaneous gratitude:
  • Thank you Nature’s Path for standing up for my Right to Know, I love Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola Cereal and will keep eating this everyday to support you in our fight to Label GMOs.
  • I love Lundberg Family Farms and have fed my family your amazing brown rice for years. I just found out that you’re a big supporter of Yes on 37 and am buying a ton of Lundbergs Rice Chips!
  • I’ve been a big fan of Dr. Bronner’s for years! I just wanted to thank you for standing up for GMO labeling and my Right to Know! I’ll never buy another brand of soap again! A PERMANENT FAN!
[Your Name]