Category: Food and Ag Policy

Groundbreaking Glyphosate-Microbiome Study Show’s Monsanto / Bayer’s Roundup Harms Gut Bacteria

We reveal for the first time that glyphosate does inhibit the shikimate pathway in the rat gut microbiome. However, glyphosate likely did not kill bacteria via its impact on the shikimate pathway, because bacteria do not need the shikimate pathway to get the aromatic amino acids they need. Like us, they get them from the food we eat.

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What Biden’s Climate Plan Means For Regenerative Ag

President Joe Biden has introduced an ambitious climate plan for the United States. Could regenerative agriculture help us get there?

President Biden has pledged to spend up to $2 trillion on climate change initiatives. “Climate change” is a broad-brush topic, so how will these measures impact food, agriculture and regenerative organic farming?

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GAO recommends EPA track use of pesticide information for farmworkers

Since 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has had a Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agriculture that permits farmworkers to identify someone who can request a farm’s pesticide information for their benefit. In a new 34-page report to Congress, GAO addresses how the so-called “designated representative” provision is being used or misused. The  standard covers more than 2 million farmworkers at more than 600,000 farms, according to the EPA. The GAO report concluded farmworkers need information about pesticide exposure illnesses, faster diagnoses and better treatments.

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